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Earth Day Adventures!

With everything that is going on with this wide world we have a special time to think about our Earth and how we are living on it. I am very aware of what I do to help with my footprint on this planet. Some of the things I do are: 1.  Recycle: I have been recycling most of my life. I was the one who sorted all the garbage at home. Made sure that I bought things that I needed  first and then that they had recycling wrapping. I would wrap my gifts in reusable bags, or cloth bags, and sometimes wrapped gifts in towels they could also use. Even at my store I reuse any bags I can, from gift...

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April Mother and Child Reading

Wow somehow I missed a month, but a lot has been going on with my life so here you go... Mama's reading: You have been creating new plans, new projects, new concepts, keeping busy planning and looking towards changing your future. You have been patient, planning and putting everything in it's place. Now is time to take charge. Put those plans or projects into a forward motion. Use your masculine energy, let the feminine step aside. Use that male energy that is within you and put your plans or projects into motion.  You will also have to use this energy to see through someone's mask. There is a person in your life right now that is nice to your face...

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Your dream can come true, by Rhonda Byrne, written by Gabrielle Gidley

With the tough times coming to an end we all got wrapped up in the negativity of a lot of different things. It didn't really matter what was your belief but it did matter that you felt you had to stand up for your rights and be heard.  I found these six things by Rhonda Byrne that helped me to this day focus on the positive and make our focus come true. - 1 - You are limitless...We are infinite beings and we are pure love to our very core. She suggests to take two weeks to look for everything that we love. Just take 17 seconds a day of saying, "I love the snow" or "I love the sunshine"...

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February Mama and Child Card Reading

Mama's reading: Wow you are enjoying a union of two kindred spirits. A joining of hands, hearts and spirit with another person. Or maybe a new business adventure, or a new friendship starting to grow. When you share your joy with those around you, this sacred reflection will intermingle spirit, emotion, love, harmony and balance. This is a great time to create a space for self care. Reflection gives you an new outlook towards soul purpose, spiritual awakening and deep inner wisdom. With the support from others and the inner reflection you are now ready to move forward with determination, passion and intelligence. You are now running towards success... Child's reading: You as mama must send your child some loving...

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