Behind the Scenes of Babygagaa Boutique, lets work together

 What happens when you drop of donations to Babygagaa Boutique? All donations are taken to my home to get processed. The bags of clothing are put into the sorting place.  And the bags are placed into the process area, which is a white table with very bright lights. The lighting is very bright so its easy to see all the rips and stains on the clothing. The clothes are sorted into piles, the keep pile and the donate pile. Some of the clothes that is sell-able are washed, dried and packed to go to the store. The clothes that I can't sell goes into bags or boxes and donated to local charities and families in need. 

The clothes is organized again into size and season. Some goes into storage at the stores storage area, some gets put into 2 to 3 pack sets and uploaded onto the website and some of the product goes into the store Babygagaa Boutique to sell.

Babygagaa Boutique has a program called Tidy Time set up but this year there are going to be some new changes to this set up. As of now if you bring in a wash basket full of usable clothes you receive $30.00. This is given to you in Gagaa Bucks that you can spend at the store. 

A percentage of what you donate is tallied up and it goes towards Chigamik Wellness Centre. The families in need get Gagaa Bucks to use as credit in the Babygagaa Boutique shop to choose whatever they need for their children. Babygagaa Boutique also donates to the community to anyone who truly needs baby items. I give them boxes of whatever they need, clothes, toys, books, bedding or bath needs. Many donations have gone to single moms or families that have lost everything due to situations or fire. Babygagaa has also donated to personal individuals that are travelling over seas or shipping packages overseas to third world countries.

Each individual puts about 80 pounds worth of clothes into the landfills every year. This pile of clothes creates 30% of methane gas into the atmosphere which is more potent than CO2. As of now only 15% of the clothing goes to recycling, the rest goes into our landfills. We need to become more aware of the consequences  and what happens when we do throw them away., but we also need to know when and where to recycle them too. Babygagaa has always tried to reduce the footprint on Mother Earth with the donations and Tidy Time program. It is so much better to recycle and also really smart to buy at a secondhand store. Buying secondhand reduces the production of new clothes and this is another way of reducing our footprint through pollution and energy.

So clean out your closets and do your part. Donate locally to small stores like Babygagaa Boutique. Get in touch with me and I can help you get organized, lets clean up our landfills and help our community with your donations. Gabrielle...

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