Your dream can come true, by Rhonda Byrne, written by Gabrielle Gidley

With the tough times coming to an end we all got wrapped up in the negativity of a lot of different things. It didn't really matter what was your belief but it did matter that you felt you had to stand up for your rights and be heard.  I found these six things by Rhonda Byrne that helped me to this day focus on the positive and make our focus come true.

- 1 - You are limitless...We are infinite beings and we are pure love to our very core. She suggests to take two weeks to look for everything that we love. Just take 17 seconds a day of saying, "I love the snow" or "I love the sunshine" and then the law of attraction kicks in and everything changes. Suddenly the very negative thoughts of your unworthiness will be laughable.

- 2 - Play the giving game, when you think you don't have enough money, change the approach. Open your bills and pretend the checks are for you.  As you pay them say thank you and envision the money being paid helping the people working for that company. I do this often even when I am buying a coffee. This turns the law of attraction around.

- 3 - List your blessings...The quickest way out of negativity is to list your blessings before you get out of bed in the morning. I would write how grateful I was for my sister sharing her shop with me. Or how grateful I was for that bed I was sitting in and I would do it till I felt joy and really happy. When you start your day like that it will be better than just tumbling out of bed.

- 4 - Embracing an uplifting song, this is really a good one for me, music is a huge help in putting me into a happy or awesome mood. Each of us has a music they love, so if you need a boost switch it on and leave any negativity behind.

- 5 - Find the joy in now! This is something I really work on doing all the time. Living in the present, the now. Like now as I type I listen to the music playing, sitting in my comfortable chair, listening to my sister and her clients talking and being grateful and aware of the things right now. When I pay attention to the present there is so much peace.

- 6 - Love is everywhere! We all have to give love to receive it, so if your looking for love or wanting to attract a perfect partner make a massive list, like 200 things, that you're looking for in this person. You'll be writing about someone that exists and manifesting them into your life.

We have so much power and we really don't even know it. We need to practice on how to access this wonderful unlimited joy. That is what life is all about is joy and living with love. There is so much more beyond the veil....

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