Earth Day Adventures!

With everything that is going on with this wide world we have a special time to think about our Earth and how we are living on it. I am very aware of what I do to help with my footprint on this planet. Some of the things I do are:

1.  Recycle: I have been recycling most of my life. I was the one who sorted all the garbage at home. Made sure that I bought things that I needed  first and then that they had recycling wrapping. I would wrap my gifts in reusable bags, or cloth bags, and sometimes wrapped gifts in towels they could also use. Even at my store I reuse any bags I can, from gift bags to cloth grocery bags. When I bought bags for the shop I bought brown paper bags. 

2. Reuse: Talking about recycling I am definitely into reusing. My whole store is about reusing. I try really hard to use all the product to help families and keep them out of the landfill. Last year I blogged about what happens to the clothes when they land up in the landfill or even to Value Village, who sells to overseas, which is shipped to China, India and Africa. The clothing is then either reused as clothes or cut down to scrap. This scrap is used to stuff car seats and furniture and the rest that is not used is then taken to areas where they are burnt. Could you believe the pollution that goes into the air. We have no idea the amount that is shipped out by the cargo ships full. The clothing that is dumped here in our landfills also breaks down very slowly and releases gases that pollute our air. 

3. Watch our Waste: I am very careful with my waste at home. I use my compost bucket all the time. I try to use all my food before it goes to waste. Now that food is so expensive I try to be on top of my food waste from the fridge. If you don't use your vegetables they go bad fast. I make sure I clean them with a bit of baking soda and cleaning product from Young Living to clean off all the chemicals they spray on them. I try to use up all my leftovers buy having a leftover day once a week, the family loves this or I recreate another meal with what I have leftover. I also try not to buy too much food so it doesn't sit in the cupboards too long. I also grow a lot of my own food every summer, this year my garden is going to be even bigger. What I don't grow I buy from local farmers, organic is the best way to eat.

4. Clothing reused:  I have been recycling my clothing since I was young. That is what we did, I even had clothing parties where you would bring clothing that was still in great shape to a persons house and others would do the same. We would then swap what we wanted. Left overs that no one wanted was then brought to the Salvation Army. We also brought small household items or jewelry to exchange. We still have free jewelry at Hair Fantasy you can come and either donate or pick something you would wear.

5.Garage Sales: This is a really great idea to get rid out things you don't use. I always do the garage sale that you give me what you think its worth. I do not really put a price on it. I also bring a lot to the Salvation Army, they love small items and 90% goes back to the community. The great thing is that you can also sell your unwanted products on line, Facebook Market Place is a really cool place that I sell my big items on and lots of my toys.

Everything is reusable unless it's broken and even then someone will pick it up. I have a guy that just picks up my scrap metal. Or someone who picked up some wood I didn't need anymore. Just post it on Facebook or Free to me....Lets do something extra for Mother Earth this month.....

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