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Behind the Scenes of Babygagaa Boutique, lets work together

 What happens when you drop of donations to Babygagaa Boutique? All donations are taken to my home to get processed. The bags of clothing are put into the sorting place.  And the bags are placed into the process area, which is a white table with very bright lights. The lighting is very bright so its easy to see all the rips and stains on the clothing. The clothes are sorted into piles, the keep pile and the donate pile. Some of the clothes that is sell-able are washed, dried and packed to go to the store. The clothes that I can't sell goes into bags or boxes and donated to local charities and families in need.  The clothes is organized...

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Dopamine Dressing: What is it?

Dopamine dressing is a testament to you knowing what is best for yourself using these strategies of this practice into your everyday decisions making it as mindful and in tune with who you are. Dopamine dressing is just as pleasurable as it is beneficial, so have fun with your practice and remember to do and wear what you love. Dopamine dressing is just about dressing in a way that triggers the feel-good neurotransmitter for you, so dressing for you should give you a mood boost. Develop mood and style self awareness: what clothes that you wear makes you feel good. Create a style. The goal is to know exactly which color, detailing, metal, fabrics and shoes spark joy. Take note...

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Lets Go Green with Babygagaa Boutique!!

There are so many ways of going green, which creates a kind life, it helps inspire others toward healthy habits, happiness and doing better for the planet. Here are some ways we can become more green.... Cut back on plastic: There is often when I buy something in those clear plastic holders and then feel guilty when I throw it out. I bring my lunch with me when I go to work. I really don't go out to eat a lot so there is less waste in packaging. I bring my own food in Tupperwear containers, tea in my thermos and my cool water in my water bottle. When I do recycle the clear plastic holders they are washed before...

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