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November Tarot card reading by Gabrielle

Mama's reading: This month is all about standing your ground. You are all knowing your third eye is wide open so you know more than you show to everyone. You probably have looked back at your life the last few months and know why you are where you are and where you are going next. You have plans for yourself and your family. Family is very important to you right now even down to the pets. This month emotions are at a high, maybe because your third eye is wide open. You are the master of these emotions so with the wisdom you have you can take control of everything around you and stand your ground. Child's reading: A new generation...

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October's Mama and Child Reading: Spiritsong Tarot by Paulina Cassidy, reading by Gabrielle

Mama's Reading: This month is all about creating your space and your reality as you want it to be. You have all the things you need to do this, you have wisdom of the crow and owl. They are blended together with the power of foresight and imagination. You can create anything you want and then follow through with no problems. This energy is creating many changes within you and then on the outside too. There will be many changes in your life as you release what you don't need anymore. Many new energies will be reveled to you in many different ways. After shedding all that you don't need anymore you will heal, spiritually, mentally and physically giving you...

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Septembers reading, Energy Oracle Cards , Sandra Anne Taylor, reading by Gabrielle

Mama's reading: We have had some attachments that we needed to let go off from the last few months. New energy is coming into friction and this brings new energy, a new way of looking at things and a new way of everyday life. Some of these attachments that you have been hanging onto will start falling away from you. These are attachments that you have held onto for security and comfort but you are starting to use the energy that is coming to you from the other side. You are now aware and using the universal energy to help you let go off anything that is holding you back, you are breaking that chain. After you let go and...

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Mama's and Child July Tarot Cards are Spirit Song by Paulina Cassidy, read by Gabrielle Gidley

Mama's Reading;  The Queen of Crystals, is about comfort and prosperity, they are yours it you peruse practical solutions when setting goals. Take time to ground yourself and be aware of the energies around you at the time. The hedgehog is all about taking care of herself, she has those quills to protect herself but she is extra loving. The Kangaroo leaps towards uncharted territories, with sheer joy of being alive. Jump into challenges with balance, flexible and centred. Take advantages of the new energy that is coming with great reflexes and intuitive abilities.The Elk is all about success and triumph. Pace yourself and avoid burning energy, concentrate on what needs to be done and trust your intuition. Believe in...

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June 2021, Mama and Child Tarot Reading/ John Holland Oracle Deck

Mama's Reading: You have been so patient with all that has been going on and this month you still have to collect your patients once more. The ideas and inspirations have been planted and you are watching it grow. You have cast out what you want and now it will take time to achieve it. You still are dealing with emotional loss of some sort. Honour your feelings and give lots of love to yourself, letting go of your past and opening up to the new journey ahead. Your patients and planning has been setting you up for a great foundation. Evaluate your goals that you are seeking, your finances, your relationships and your job. Take time to check each...

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