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May Card Reading for Mama's and Child, Psychic Tarot by John Holland

Mama has been thinking a lot lately, with all that is going on in the world there is so much to think about. This is creating mental conflict, with self doubt, indecisiveness, or not being to be able to take action. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and you do have the strength and courage, the necessary steps to concur this feeling, only when you make the decision you need to do will your conflict disappear.  Time always changes and you will eventually move forward. Walk courageously towards what you have been avoiding, make some choices and decisions and then there will be movement forward. You don't have to do this alone get help from your...

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A mini blog about Tidy Time changes!

I really had a hard time deciding what to write about this month so I decided I would write about my program Tidy Time. There are a lot of mama's out there that have lots of clothes that their children have grown out off. Some mama's donate it to local charities like Salvation Army or Value Village. But they really don't realize where the product goes after they place it in the donation box. You probably feel good placing it in there, feeling you did a good deed. And you did, you kept it out of the land fill, you did recycle it, creating jobs for lots of people here in Canada and across the ocean in the third world...

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Mama's and Child Card Reading for April 2021

Mama: Well this month you will be going through some kind of emotional loss. It may be something physical or emotionally mental. You should work through this process and release it. Get busy with other things, keep yourself busy with things that give you passion, that you love and you will get over the loss a lot easier. You have the spiritual strength to work through anything right now. Tap into your inner reserve and you will be able to persevere through anything. The enlightenment you receive will be amazing. You are working on different things in your life right now but all your experience and knowledge you get will help you in the future. This month brings Victory and...

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