Dopamine Dressing: What is it?

Dopamine dressing is a testament to you knowing what is best for yourself using these strategies of this practice into your everyday decisions making it as mindful and in tune with who you are.

Dopamine dressing is just as pleasurable as it is beneficial, so have fun with your practice and remember to do and wear what you love.

Dopamine dressing is just about dressing in a way that triggers the feel-good neurotransmitter for you, so dressing for you should give you a mood boost.

  • Develop mood and style self awareness: what clothes that you wear makes you feel good. Create a style. The goal is to know exactly which color, detailing, metal, fabrics and shoes spark joy. Take note of the outfits you feel best in and find common threads.
  • Take a personality test to understand why your style makes you feel the way it does, which will lead you to a greater connection between you land your clothes.
  • Invest in your toolkit: final steps get rid of the not-you clothes that are crowding your wardrobe. Only invest in clothes that give you joy when you wear it. 

Remember Dopamine dressing alters the way you feel, think and act. Wear clothes that will help you through the day ahead. If you are going to be super busy wear comfortable clothes and shoes. If you are heading to a meeting wear something that makes you look and feel professional. You get what I mean. 

Also remember children create their own style early on. They will wear the same clothes over and over again because they feel good in it. And when they don't want to wear something they will tell you pretty quick. So listen to your child about their clothing choices, make them feel good by letting them wear what they are comfortable in giving them a greater connection between their feelings and what they wear. 

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