Fall Reading for Mama and Child with Light Seers Tarot

Mama: Mama has been working hard but staying in her bubble. She has been contemplating what is in store for her in the future and taking her energy to create new visions. She has worked hard and now she is meditating on new outcomes. With meditation comes new ideas, these ideas are from her past experiences. She will use her knowledge to move forward when the time is right. As the new plan is formed, she will have lots of company, friends and family that will support her. When she is ready, she will stand up and move forward at her own pace. Her time is now coming.

Child: Your child sees what mama sees. Looking forward also there is no worry and no fear and will take your hand as you move ahead in life. Your child will step into the forward motion and just float with your energy, shifting into a state of no concern. This is their destiny, supporting any decision you make now. They are showing unlimited love towards you. They are moving this energy through themselves and sending it to you. Sound therapy is important to them now and will help them when they are showing anxiety. But they have the flying pig as an animal spirit, which is very lucky for them right now!

Hang on to your hat because it has been quiet for some time and now it's going to move forward at a faster pace. Mama and child will be in union, moving forward towards a bright new future that you are both ready for. 

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