Lets Go Green with Babygagaa Boutique!!

There are so many ways of going green, which creates a kind life, it helps inspire others toward healthy habits, happiness and doing better for the planet. Here are some ways we can become more green....

Cut back on plastic: There is often when I buy something in those clear plastic holders and then feel guilty when I throw it out. I bring my lunch with me when I go to work. I really don't go out to eat a lot so there is less waste in packaging. I bring my own food in Tupperwear containers, tea in my thermos and my cool water in my water bottle. When I do recycle the clear plastic holders they are washed before they go into the bin. If they are not clean they end up in our landfills. I also try to buy packaging that can be recycled, most of my garbage is plastic bags, I am also trying to find a place that will recycle these too.

Shop Vintage: I love this one, I love going into a second hand store and find a great buy. I just bought a awesome top at the Sally Anne and when I wear it I get all kinds of compliments. Almost 11 million tons of thrown out clothes goes into the landfill each year.  I opened my store, Babygagaa Boutique to help reduce the clothing going into the landfills but its really hard to keep up. My grandson loves shopping at Value Village and he finds some great clothes.  And I have some great customers that donate or shop for their little ones in my store.

Choose Organic: When shopping I look for an Organic Stamp, or I shop in the organic section. It may be a little bit more expensive but you know that there are no chemicals sprayed on the product. Sometimes the Organic product is cheaper than the normal products. I also try to buy close to home, from local farmers like Hewitt's, or small farm stands at the side of the road. Another great way of eating organic is growing your own garden which I have been doing since my 20's...

Compost on your Counter: This is one thing I think is a great idea. All my food scraps go into my compost and then into the green bins....This is a great way to give back to the earth.

Eat more Plants: This is something you can achieve slowly. I became a vegetarian almost 5 years ago. Animal farming causes 51% of greenhouse gas emissions and the leading cause of deforestation, biodiversity loss and water pollution. Just eating vegetarian just one day a week can save the annual greenhouse gas equivalent of driving 1,160 miles. I use to have wicked heartburn before I gave up meat. I stopped eating beef, lamb and pork and no more heartburn. I occasionally eat fish or organic chicken, I lost 30 pounds and feel great.

So think of something you can do to think green. Start small, on step at a time, and before you know it you are helping yourself be healthier. You are also reducing your footprint on Mother Earth....and that will make you feel so much happier....

Gabrielle Gidley, Babygagaa Boutique!

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