Toys for future learning!

Did you know that your child's toys are getting them ready for school learning  reading, writing and mathematics?

Puzzles, shape sorting and Pegboards are great in challenging hand and eye coordination and problem solving skills so these prepare your child for mathematics. 

Busy boxes, like mechanical toys, pop up toys and toys with knobs, buttons and leavers encourage fine motor skills and problem solving, they teach cause and effect so this too prepares for mathematics.

Role-play toys like kitchen, doctor kits, and golf sets help children discover how the world works by imitating the actions of you and other adults.

Dolls and stuffed animals encourage pretend play (a tea party with teddy bears) will prepare them for social and emotional development by teaching them how to express emotions and taking care of something they love, which helps with reading and writing in the future.

Arts and crafts help your child develop problem solving skills and hand to eye coordination by how to hold a crayon, to using safety scissors to cut and paste, or drawing a picture of the family.

Blocks, construction set, playing with a train set or cars driving on a mat, encourages problem solving skills and hand to eye coordination, by using their imagination this helps with the beginnings of mathematics. 

Peer relationships are also important so working with others your child learns how to be with others, by having to share toys and space while playing. As the child becomes older it is important to carve out family game nights and get togethers.

Don't under estimate your goal as a parent after all its you that turns on the toy and encourages your child to follow. It is you that shows your child how to stack the blocks and knock them over. And when you sit side by side, coloring, painting or reading a story you give them attention they need. And this attention gives them self esteem and they feel loved and secure.

Toys are a tool to help your child develop for the future but its the parents who nurture the growth!

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