Back to school and getting ready for the cooler days...

Slowly we are noticing that the days are becoming shorter and cooler. As our little ones are going back to school or taking up class at home we are starting a new routine. I know as my grandson is starting his class on the home computer its time to get organized and to get him prepared for the busy days ahead. 

First thing first is getting some breakfast into him. And turning 12 he loves to eat. So I try to get something healthy into him. I am lucky I do not have a picky eater so some of the things I make for him is: 

Cheese muffins: 2 English muffins cut in half, place them in a prewarmed oven or air fryer, place sliced old cheese on it and let it melt till brown. I give him this with my homemade pickles...

Scrambled eggs: scramble two eggs with onions and some cheese, or just plain.

Rye bread with salami: my grandson loves salami on rye bread, I serve it with baby tomatoes from the garden.

Once I have him fed it's time for school. I make sure he is learning with no distractions. He works at the computer till lunch, and then after lunch till around three a - clock.

For all those children that have to head to school its a new way of life now. We have to make sure that we have hand sanitizers, clean masks, and there is no contact with anyone. This can be a worry but I really think this is a new way of life now. I really think that the masks will be worn for a long time, maybe even a year down the road.  I find its easier if the child has masks that are comfortable and with some characters that they love. This way the mask will be easier to wear and stay on longer. 

Lunch bags can be used and all have packaging that can be washed or thrown away. Best is the recycled items that can be taken home to recycle. If we show our children how we do it then it will become their healthy habit. 

The best thing is less contact with others right now, which is really sad because we never had to think about these things in the past. It is hard for us to change but change is going to happen like it or not. 

After school I try to get my grandson to get out in nature, or we go to safe functions, we sometimes get takeout from a local restaurant, or we visit family that we know is safe. We still have to do a few things social and this helps our children health and our health too.

We need to get into a new routine and that will make it easier for us and our kids. There are many teachers that will make it safe and easy for your child to keep up to the new health regulations. And this will also help you adjust and not worry so much about your child's new adventures at school....


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