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A New Way Of Life After The Pendemic

It's been quite a year and a half riding the waves of the Pendemic. With most of us staying home with our families and not going out to work, maybe working from home, we are now looking at our lives and seeing that things will never be the same. But we can really do some positive things to help ourselves out and then help others too. First and foremost is self love. Finding the balance for yourself. Shutting off the inner voice that tells you all the should s and could s. The voice is now being softened and you are not listening to it as much. You are taking a moment for you and not worrying about the dishes...

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A mini blog about Tidy Time changes!

I really had a hard time deciding what to write about this month so I decided I would write about my program Tidy Time. There are a lot of mama's out there that have lots of clothes that their children have grown out off. Some mama's donate it to local charities like Salvation Army or Value Village. But they really don't realize where the product goes after they place it in the donation box. You probably feel good placing it in there, feeling you did a good deed. And you did, you kept it out of the land fill, you did recycle it, creating jobs for lots of people here in Canada and across the ocean in the third world...

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