Summer beach and your children!

When I use to have my daycare I use to take my little ones to the beach. Each one would have a change of clothes, a hat, smothered with lots of suntan lotion and most important a swimming vest. I would bring snacks, lunch and lots of sand toys. We would go to the beach from 10 am to around 12:30pm. It would be a busy but fun morning and the little ones would sleep well in the afternoon. Here are some tips that I did that would make your beach day flowing and easier for you.

Go early, I found that there are very few people at the beach in the morning. We also did not have that hot sun on our heads. I did bring blankets and umbrellas for some shade and a place to sit.

Master the art of Sunscreen: I would apply the suntan lotion that the parents sent on the child before they can go play in the water and sand. I would make sure that I had lotion on also. I would reapply when needed and always had hats on their heads. You could use your phones timer if you want so you don't forget to reapply the lotion.

Build your Oasis: I always made sure that we had a spot in the grass, with a blanket, your towels, the bags of toys and food. For me a thermos of coffee or tea. I always brought a chair so I could be comfortable when I sat. Everyone helped carry a bag of beach toys or their own bag of toys, towels and clothes. I would also have a umbrella handy for those hot sunny days.

Cooler in the Car: Bring a cooler with Ice and drinks, sandwiches and treats and leave them in the car. It was always nice to have a cold drink, cold watermelon and sandwiches at lunch. I would keep water in the cooler for the ride home, for those who are thirsty after a long morning at the beach.

Use a folding shopping cart: I always had a shopping cart on wheels to place things in that the kids could not carry. This way it was easier to wheel over than try to carry everything at once. The was open so all the sand would fall out when you pulled it back to the car. It was awesome for camping also, when walking from your campsite to the beach.

Zip lock bags: I would bring a few of these and some plastic bags for wet bathing suits, or dirty diapers. I would always have wipes on hand for messes. I have a nap sack that is all ready for picnics, with dishes, cutlery and other things to make eating lunch easier. I always try to come prepared for any mishaps. I also always had spare change for parks with ice cream bars or even a coffee for me...

Summer is escaping us fast so get out to our local beaches and go swimming and relax beside the water. Ground yourself and take in the earth energy, listen to the waves, the birds and the laughter of your family. Swim in the natural water and let it heal you with its natural vibrations. The beach is so much more than you know.....enjoy...Gabrielle


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