Septembers reading, Energy Oracle Cards , Sandra Anne Taylor, reading by Gabrielle

Mama's reading: We have had some attachments that we needed to let go off from the last few months. New energy is coming into friction and this brings new energy, a new way of looking at things and a new way of everyday life. Some of these attachments that you have been hanging onto will start falling away from you. These are attachments that you have held onto for security and comfort but you are starting to use the energy that is coming to you from the other side. You are now aware and using the universal energy to help you let go off anything that is holding you back, you are breaking that chain. After you let go and just flow you will be open to accepting the financial riches, job fulfillment, romantic love and all of the above...Get ready for a feast of abundance and spirit is applauding you of all your efforts.

Child's reading: Your child is working from the fourth Chakra, with Archangel Raphael, which is the heart chakra. So this is all about love and how the heart feels. They are here to teach you about love and also show you undivided love. This comes to you with caring connections. This your relationship you are both sharing will become more purposeful or very important for this time. This relationship is definitely a tender karmic connection at hand. With this child working with the fourth chakra they will have amazing forces of earth and spirit.  They are aware of an important time is at hand, by transforming difficult times into something special and use the power of love to transform the present and the future...

Wow this month is all about working together towards a great new things are coming for both of you and by the end of the month it will be beneficial for both of you. Remember to ground yourself by going out in nature, creative time together or just having a heart to heart talk...blessing to you both!

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