October's Mama and Child Reading: Spiritsong Tarot by Paulina Cassidy, reading by Gabrielle

Mama's Reading: This month is all about creating your space and your reality as you want it to be. You have all the things you need to do this, you have wisdom of the crow and owl. They are blended together with the power of foresight and imagination. You can create anything you want and then follow through with no problems. This energy is creating many changes within you and then on the outside too. There will be many changes in your life as you release what you don't need anymore. Many new energies will be reveled to you in many different ways. After shedding all that you don't need anymore you will heal, spiritually, mentally and physically giving you the peace you are searching for.

Child's Reading: As Mama energy changes this month so does the child's. Slowly your child is transforming with the liberating energy that is given off Mama. What a great way to change, riding the energy of this month. Your child is protected by a coat of armor which gives the child the confidence to create a new strategy of moving forward. Your child will have all kinds of resilience to work through any energy that is within it's environment. Your child will be feeding off your energy sending hope towards anyone who is in need. Some readjustments are needed but they will always be open to change.

This month is all about releasing the old ways and opening up to the new energies coming your way. Hold on to your hats because there is lots of new spiritual, mental and physical energy that will become available to the both of you. Lots of change that will push you forward to your new reality and set you up for lots of positive in the month ahead. Gabrielle...




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