November Tarot card reading by Gabrielle

Mama's reading: This month is all about standing your ground. You are all knowing your third eye is wide open so you know more than you show to everyone. You probably have looked back at your life the last few months and know why you are where you are and where you are going next. You have plans for yourself and your family. Family is very important to you right now even down to the pets. This month emotions are at a high, maybe because your third eye is wide open. You are the master of these emotions so with the wisdom you have you can take control of everything around you and stand your ground.

Child's reading: A new generation of Starseed children is known as the Indigo child. Highly evolved souls, they come into life with their eyes wide open, endowed with a very clear understanding of who they are and what they have come to do. Through out the next few months their life is going to follow the path that they are meant to do, what they were born to do. With lots of patients their foundation is now grounded and where it's meant to be. This positive time helps with the many achievements they are about to create. Being grounded and supported will help them with great triumph and success in anything they do.

This is a great time for mama's to stand their ground and support their child in all their adventures. Be there for them and listen to what they are telling you this is coming from another place. Karma is now being worked on and moving forward to another realm. The Starseed child is born into this lifetime to work on themselves and to help their family and friends reach positive outcomes. Mama's are aware of this important time, stay grounded and be supportive, stand your ground.

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