May Card Reading for Mama's and Child, Psychic Tarot by John Holland

Mama has been thinking a lot lately, with all that is going on in the world there is so much to think about. This is creating mental conflict, with self doubt, indecisiveness, or not being to be able to take action. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and you do have the strength and courage, the necessary steps to concur this feeling, only when you make the decision you need to do will your conflict disappear.  Time always changes and you will eventually move forward. Walk courageously towards what you have been avoiding, make some choices and decisions and then there will be movement forward. You don't have to do this alone get help from your loved ones or find a mentor. Someone who will be there to back you and teach you how to do it on your own time.

Child: There energy is rotating around being with family and enjoying the time that you are spending with them. They are really celebrating being together in this time. They are happy and rejoicing in celebration, loving the one on one right now. They feel grounded being at home with the family and even though we don't think so they are achieving great things learning on line. They know that they have to have patience right now and are the grounding foundation to the family.

Together Mama and Child can help each other. Your child can help you as you spend time with them. They are happy that you are around them, spending time away from other things that have been keeping you away from seeing their light. They are grounded and showing you how to be patient with what is going on with the world right now. Your child will help you put aside that mental conflict and take those steps to put it aside and just enjoy being a childlike person. Relax and enjoy!

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  • Fiona

    This is beautiful and how true. Sometimes we forget the simple things in life that will help to keep us grounded and focused during times of stress. I especially liked the reminder to engage in childlike activities whether you’re around children or not this is such a good way to forget about problems and rejuvenate.

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