Mama's and Child July Tarot Cards are Spirit Song by Paulina Cassidy, read by Gabrielle Gidley

Mama's Reading;  The Queen of Crystals, is about comfort and prosperity, they are yours it you peruse practical solutions when setting goals. Take time to ground yourself and be aware of the energies around you at the time. The hedgehog is all about taking care of herself, she has those quills to protect herself but she is extra loving. The Kangaroo leaps towards uncharted territories, with sheer joy of being alive. Jump into challenges with balance, flexible and centred. Take advantages of the new energy that is coming with great reflexes and intuitive abilities.The Elk is all about success and triumph. Pace yourself and avoid burning energy, concentrate on what needs to be done and trust your intuition. Believe in yourself and inspire others to follow you!

Child's reading: The Beaver tells us that your child is in control and has lots of feelings of security. He loves to plan and reaps the accomplishments. He loves to be organized and knows he can change the future plans any time, he then adjusts  without any problems. The Leopard is about challenges and growth. With this challenge comes spiritual growth,so keep moving towards your goals with deeper clarity and truth. Know that all challenges will be overcome. The dove is all about union and harmony. What a great card to receive after all this challenge. The dove is in tune with the power of love and healthy communication. She wants you to know that you have to love yourself before you can love others. Strong in spirit and pure of heart, she will assist in compassion and mutual respect.

So with Mama going forward into uncharted energy you will do this without the doubt and unbalance you had before. You will move forward into the world with the confidence you need and your child will follow you. Be aware that your child has its own journey but you have to protect and make your child feel secure. And them giving you the energy of compassion and mutual respect you deserve. A great reading with a new freedom and a new way of life after Covid.

Gabrielle Gidley

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