Mama's and Child Card Reading for April 2021

Mama: Well this month you will be going through some kind of emotional loss. It may be something physical or emotionally mental. You should work through this process and release it. Get busy with other things, keep yourself busy with things that give you passion, that you love and you will get over the loss a lot easier. You have the spiritual strength to work through anything right now. Tap into your inner reserve and you will be able to persevere through anything. The enlightenment you receive will be amazing. You are working on different things in your life right now but all your experience and knowledge you get will help you in the future. This month brings Victory and Success! Good news is on the way.  After all your emotional, spiritual struggles in the starting of the month, you will prevail. Stay balanced and grounded and remember that you can do anything you put your mind to....

Child: Children are always transforming and changing and this month it is going to be very noticeable. Your child is going through crazy changes right now. The world is going through a big shift. This is an end of something in your child's life and a new way of living for them. New ideas and new ways of living is coming their way. This is not just the way of the world but this has been implanted in their being before they were born. Spring is coming. With these changes comes financial and material changes also. These changes are also being transformed and the child has to follow what is given to them spiritually, mentally and physically, but they will glide into without worries while holding your hand.

I know that things are tough right now for mama and child but these changes have been put out there for a reason. We may not understand at first but I know once you look back in a few years you will understand. Everything blends together and even though we tend to rebel at first you will understand how to let go and just flow with the vibration of change. Hold your child's hand and use their energy, they know how to do it and they will show you the way!

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