Mama and Child Reading for March

Today I am using the Osho Card Deck

Mama: This March all your mamas are going to take time to be on your own. This is the undercurrent message that you put out there this month. You will need this time to reflect and look into your inner self. The phone won't ring, no text messages, no visitors it will be strangely quiet, but this is something you put out there so you can have some peace and quiet time. With in this quiet time you will see some great new visions because from nothing comes something, always! So if you have been down or low with idea and energy the universe is now down loading you information. You will be open to all those great ideas and visions you receive, write them down....and remember when you receive these great gifts that you need to share them. Let down that wall you have been building around you and share your jewels. The jewels of knowledge, love and compassion.

Child: Your child will be usually quiet. They are turning in and listening to their guides and angels. They will not be listening to anyone around them and their emotions will be at an even level, almost too calm. But they are too getting some downloading from the Universe and they see the great possibilities that are coming their way. They will see new opportunities even before you do. They have a foresight that you as a mama might not even have. So listen closely when they start to talk something that you have never heard before. Your child is also coming to a completion this month. Something that they have been working on for some time. The last bit or piece of the puzzle in being put into place and its over the third eye. Intuition plays a large piece in this placement so listen or watch them closely this month.

With Spring time drawing near both of you are going to be working on the inside of your emotions. With working in the inner the outer then also changes, and these new changes are great possibilities and new visions. Let go of all your inner jewels, the compassion, the intuitive feelings, your empathy, universal love and share it with your family and friends. This will bring down any walls and help complete anything than needs that last piece of the puzzle.

Love and Light, Gabrielle

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