Mama and Child Reading for January! Cards: Angel Tarot Cards.

Mama's reading: There is a great awaking happening as of now. You are looking at 2022 in a new perspective. There has been a temporary stand still but now things are starting to move forward. towards the future in different eyes, see things in a new light but it is important to be yourself. Do not be afraid of anything and don't let it hold you back. Move forward with you intuition, your inner voice is telling you how things are going on behind the scenes. It is important right now to use the energies of your psychic insights. Stop procrastinating and move forward with confidence, there are all kinds of new decisions to make for your future. Do your research and go with your gut feelings...

Child reading:  So events you your child's life is going to change with great speed. It is time to take great review of their options. They are going to be following your pace in moving forward. There is all kinds of creative solutions coming their way. These times and changes are so positive for both you and your child. After a certain decision is made a situation will suddenly move forward. And  the future  fortune is on both your side. With this new change coming into both your lives a new person with enter and new relationship begins in this new phase. Your child will also be listening to their intuition and psychic abilities will be heightened.

Take some time out to sit in quiet time with your child to connect to each other and the earths energy. Once you are connected both of you will know when to make the right decisions and you will move forward with confidence.  These few months into 2022 are about changes with our lives and making positive choices. Using your intuition, that gut feeling without even knowing the outcome but knowing all is going to be ok!


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