Lets grow a garden!

Learn how veggies are alive:  Explore and learn about how you create a plant from the root base.  Collect some jars, glasses or shallow bowls, save the bottoms of romaine lettuce, celery, scallions, or the tops of carrots or radishes greens. Place into containers, the lettuce or celery in a tall container that will allow them to stand up without falling over. Cover bottom with clean water and change every other day. Place in a sunny window and in a couple days you will see growth. Scallions, carrots and radish greens can also be put into a clear jar bulbs down in a sunny spot. In a few days you will find growth.

Seed action:   I bought a seed sprout-er on line and grow all kinds of sprouts for salad and to eat in stir fry. But if you don't have a sprout-er you can use sponges. Cut sponges and fit them snug into bottom of glass jars.Place sponges in cups and saturate with water.  Sprinkle seeds on the sponges. Set damp paper towels on top of seeds to aid the germination (sprouting) process and place in a warm spot. After two to three days when seeds have sprouted remove towels and put into a sunny spot.  After they sprout a couple inches you can use them.

Planting seeds in soil:  I use paper cups and soil you buy in bags at the grocery store. I poke some holes into the cup and then fill with soil. I then follow the directions of planting on the little bags that contain the seeds you want to plant.  After the seeds are planted I make sure I label what is what with marker on the cup. I then place the cups in a water proof container and place it near a window. Lots of warmth, light and watering every so often will make your seeds grow roots and then into a little plant. When the plants grow to about three to four inches high and the weather warms up you can start placing them outside to harden to the outside temperatures. Then when May 24th comes around you can plant your garden.

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