June 2021, Mama and Child Tarot Reading/ John Holland Oracle Deck

Mama's Reading: You have been so patient with all that has been going on and this month you still have to collect your patients once more. The ideas and inspirations have been planted and you are watching it grow. You have cast out what you want and now it will take time to achieve it. You still are dealing with emotional loss of some sort. Honour your feelings and give lots of love to yourself, letting go of your past and opening up to the new journey ahead. Your patients and planning has been setting you up for a great foundation. Evaluate your goals that you are seeking, your finances, your relationships and your job. Take time to check each one out one by one, make sure you are ready for a successful future.

Child's reading: Rest and rejuvenate is what you are doing this June, you are taking time out for yourself. Not worrying about others just sending love to yourself. As you sit and rest you are sending out your wishes and they will be fulfilled. Wow with all this love around you flowing all the time its easy to share it with others. Summer time is a great start for your child and it will rub off on you!

Together: Lots going on in Mama's life but your kid knows where its at. If things get too serious and you have a hard time grounding yourself just take time out and spend sometime with your child. Your child knows where its at and can share the love all around. When you are worried about future plans settle down beside your kid and share that energy they have, ground yourself, and let that self love that they share so openly rub off on you...Gabrielle

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