Pandemic Mama's!

Pandemic craziness that's what I call this. We were a society that lived our lives without restrictions and no worries. We worked, shopped and visited whoever we wanted, whenever we wanted. Then 9 months ago our world changed forever. We have to learn how to cope with this new way of living. There are great ways to make this pandemic living more positive and so much easier. Here are some great ways to smooth out the new way of life.

1. Routine: The one thing that kept me sane was a routine. Every morning I would shower, get dressed and make my bed. My children are all grown up now but I did run a daycare for over 10 years before I opened Babygagaa Boutique. Nothing makes life more easier than a routine...everything has a time. Playtime, craft time, outside play, television time, lunch and snack time and of course nap time. I have a routine at work also, working on line, visiting my emails, website, Facebook page, Google my Business and setting stock in my store. Once you have a routine it is so much easier to go about your day.

2. Get Outside: Being outside is so important for your health and for your children's health. Just going outside for a walk is the best thing to do for your body, physically, mentally and spiritually. Destination walks are also great for you and your child. A walk in a park, beach, the woods, open market, library, and public farms like Hewitt's Farm in the area are a great and safe place to go. My daycare kids loved destination walks and we did it quite often.

3. Make Shopping an Outing: There are not many places we can go right now without protocol. A great way to get out on your own is go grocery shopping. I plan this time for me time, no kids or husband. Take your time and shop away, essentials are important and so is your time on your own away from home.

4. Virtual Playtime: The big thing on line right now is "Zoom", connection with your friends and family through sight is so important right now. Because we have to stay home more and try to help stop the spread of this Virus we do not see our loved ones the way we use to. I had to learn the last 6 months how to use "Zoom", since I have been using this port I have been able to talk to my groups and Face-timing on Messenger to talk daily and personally to good friends. This connection helps with dealing with the loneliness of staying home. Keep up with other mama's, your not alone.

5. Self Entertaining: This is something that we need to teach our children. Taking time out and keeping ourselves busy. Last night I played Lego's for 2 hours with my grandson, then he continued playing for another hour before bed and even into the next day. I help teach baking, cooking a meal, doing a craft, playing with toys, always trying to keep him  busy. Playing board games is also a great way to keep busy. Try to skip watching television once in a while, but a movie and popcorn is always fun on a rainy or snowy day.

6. Practising Gratitude: This is something I really try to do daily, I even try to write them down once in a while. It seems to make them grounded when they are on paper. I do 5 grateful s in the morning and 5 I am before I go to sleep. When we are grateful and state it every day our life becomes so much more positive. Try it....

7. Honour whats ordinary with your Life: Did you ever stand outside in your garden and watch the birds fluttering around. It's such an ordinary happening, but it becomes extraordinary when you honour it. I honour them with bird feeders, water and places for them to hide and build nest for their family.This is a way I honour the ordinary.  There is many ways to honour the ordinary things in life.

8. Take time for yourself: We do so much for our kids, husband, family and friends everyday. So much that we end up exhausted. I ask many people how they are and many tell me they are so tired. I tell them you need to take time for yourself, even if its just a half an hour. Do something that you enjoy, may it be sitting and watching a movie, doing a craft (I crochet),  bake or cook something you and your family love to eat, just do something for yourself. Also writing in a journal is a great way to take 15 minuets and write about how grateful you are....

I wish you the best during these trying times and hope that following some of these suggestions will make your life a lot easier....Gabrielle

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