February Reading for Mama and : Energy Oracle Cards

The Energy Oracle Cards:

You are very intuitive this month and great information that you will put to good use. You are blessed with the ability to connect with these amazing inspirations and insights. This will help you with a solid foundation and personal balance of your emotions. Remain conscious on how you balance your goals and your emotional/physical balance as well. Try to remain centred and release urgency  and look at things in a more clear perspective. Relax and let go of the desperation that's been driving you, let go of anxiety and be flexible. Be patient, open and flexible!

Child: This month your child will be working on the energy cycles that move in and out of experience. This is a great time of receptivity, intuition and gestation. A great time to wrap things up for completion. This month they will be working on the heart chakra, with a great readiness to receiving love and giving love too, which will grow and grow.  They will also be working with the third eye chakra which is insight and clear thoughts. New perception are taking hold and the clouds of confusion are clearing. In some way it is a new beginning and they are on their way to developing a deeper insight on whats going on with their life.

So it looks like both you and your child are open to new clarity. The energy is shifting and you are both connecting with great, amazing insights. This has been a tough start of the year, but 2021 is the year of finishing all those loose ends that were created throughout the last year. Both your energies are connected so this will be completed together without anxiety. Both of you will flow with giving and receiving love.






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