February Mama and Child Card Reading

Mama's reading: Wow you are enjoying a union of two kindred spirits. A joining of hands, hearts and spirit with another person. Or maybe a new business adventure, or a new friendship starting to grow. When you share your joy with those around you, this sacred reflection will intermingle spirit, emotion, love, harmony and balance. This is a great time to create a space for self care. Reflection gives you an new outlook towards soul purpose, spiritual awakening and deep inner wisdom. With the support from others and the inner reflection you are now ready to move forward with determination, passion and intelligence. You are now running towards success...

Child's reading: You as mama must send your child some loving thoughts, they are worried to much about the future. When they worry this causes sleepless nights, anxiety, stress or depression even if the thoughts carry no truth. Give them some support and show them that there is light at the end of the tunnel, let that worry go. They will take stock on how things are and will reach a moment of stability. Let them know that being grateful helps with any negative feelings. With faith this will help expand their consciousness and let go of the structured old ways that no longer serves them. They will learn the only voice that matters is the voice of their heart...

I find that you as a mama have to step up and show your child that it is ok, things are working out for you both. Teach them that they are ok where they are and the most incredible thing about miracles is that they happen!

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