Christmas Cheer!

These last few Christmas holidays have been so hard, not just for families but for individuals that are alone for the holidays. Some of us have lost our loved ones and find it very hard to function on this cheerful day. Here are some hints that will give you some relief on these holiday days.

1. Find some support with a friend or family member so you can just talk about what you are going through. It is great to have someone that can just listen and tell you that they hear you and your going to be okay.

2. It is a great time for gaining those pounds you worked so hard to lose. It is ok to cook all your favorites this year but its also a great idea to substitute some of the high calorie foods with healthier and lower calorie products. Like substituting mashed cauliflower for mashed potatoes.   

3. When the holidays comes and gives you triggers in the moment, lean into the grief. The grief means that you really loved that person and that you really miss them. Just embrace the moment, cry or laugh and go through the tissues with your tears. 

4. Two great ways to deal with the extra stress is to get outside for a walk and to cuddle with your furry friends. The pets are such a comfort and are great for calming you down. Snuggling with your dog or cat is the best thing to ground you and to calm bringing you to a good place at the end of a rough day.

5. Save money with good deals on line or in the store. Make a list of things you want to buy and stick to it. Always look for a great deal for instant buying on a Black Friday or if on line for free shipping. I know I feel great when I buy gifts and they were on sale. 

6. And this is something I try to do a lot and  that's helping out other people. I really feel great when I see the person I donate to face lights up in the moment. It makes me feel so good. I feel worthy, I am enough, I made a difference, that is the most powerful tool to remind myself that I am a great person and that gives me Joy!

I pulled and Angle Whisper Card for the holidays:

The card is Action

You are an action person and you do all the things that need to be done by you right now. You never procrastinate or choose to live with less if there is a better option. Life is supposed to be beautiful, an experience of pure joy and selflessness. Part of your purpose here is to love and be love's channel. Remember why you are here and let go of the small day to day stuff that you know is meaningless. Focus. Only you know what is right for you. I trust you implicitly to make the right decision today once you remember your real purpose.

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