Babygagaa Happenings!

-I am an avid reader of the news, and really enjoy local happenings so I decided to share some of the articles that I enjoyed.

-  One article was about a 10 year old boy that successfully lobbied the town into addressing a safety issue on a local trail here in the area. While riding his bike on the local trail with his younger brother he noticed that his brother veered off the trail down into a gully. The trail eroded between the ground and the eight foot chain link fence.  His brother disappeared down the slope into about two feet of water. Oliver then decided after sometime to write a letter to the town about what happened. After about a month they got a reply that they were going to do something about it and a new fence was installed. It shows you if you have the initiative to act sometimes a change is made.

 - Another great story is about our local Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. A local gentleman who is involved in the trumpeter swan rehabilitation and monitoring found a swan beside the Wye River near Highway 12. He observed that it was not well, captured it and put it in a crate in the back of his car. A chain of volunteers helped transport the swan to the Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge in Pefferlaw. One of the symptoms of lead poison is the bird does not fly away, its too sick. Lead poisoning is becoming more common among wildlife. Swans ingest rocks in order to aid digestion, so most cases they also digest fishing sinkers or lead shots with the rocks. This makes the waterfowl very sick, some even die. This swan was lucky to be saved from this lead poisoning.

- Another great charity called The Warm and Cozy Children's Charity here in the Tay area won the Outstanding Achievement Award for Volunteerism. This prestigious award recognizes the leadership, innovation and creativity of the individual volunteers and organizations who support communities across Ontario. For the past fourteen years Stanley and her team of volunteers have been working to ensure no kid in north Simcoe goes to school without proper winter attire. They are hoping to get some more donations, so they can go out and stock local schools with winter attire in varying sizes, so students without winter clothing can pick out the items they need. To donate, visit a great place to donate all your winter items or if you pass it on to Babygagaa Boutique I will pass it on to this great charity!

So I hope you enjoyed some of the local info I posted this month, and there is more to come!

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