August Tarot Card Reading by Gabrielle; Angel Tarot Cards

Mama's Reading: You have worked very hard to come into your own. With that hard work comes new contracts or partnerships. So you have some choices to make on where you are going to go and start moving forward. You do have support in your decision even though you are having some sleepless nights by expecting the worst. Positive thinking is very important now and being aware of the amazing possibilities...The future is bright and you need to leave the past behind. With this bright future there is a opportunity to pay of some debt, and maybe even pay off a loan. All kinds of great things are coming your way, gifts of money, time or effort and also maybe even a new career opportunity.

Child's reading:  Your child is coming into a very time in it's life. All kinds of great choices are coming their way and they have to make some tough decisions. Make sure they are relaxed and that they choose a more playful approach to this great time of their life. This is an emotional time for your child but if they are balanced emotionally wise they will have no problems. Now that we are able to go places again they are able to go out more socially, finding new friends and new places to visit and fall in love with it. So any concerns they have will fade away. They are safe, emotionally balanced and any wishes they have will come true.

Together:  It has just started to flow again with the working world. You are making new decisions every day and they are coming out smelling like roses. You are now supported for any decision you have to make. Grab your child's arm and whiz them along with your journey. They will love the energy and where it will take them, and they will give you that emotional balance that you are searching for...then both your wishes will come true....Awesome!!!

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