April Mother and Child Reading

Wow somehow I missed a month, but a lot has been going on with my life so here you go...

Mama's reading: You have been creating new plans, new projects, new concepts, keeping busy planning and looking towards changing your future. You have been patient, planning and putting everything in it's place. Now is time to take charge. Put those plans or projects into a forward motion. Use your masculine energy, let the feminine step aside. Use that male energy that is within you and put your plans or projects into motion.  You will also have to use this energy to see through someone's mask. There is a person in your life right now that is nice to your face but because of envy and jealousy they are not sending out the right energy for you or others around you. Use the authority to help see through any deception. 

Child's reading: Your child is using it's third eye right now, they know who is deceiving you. They can see beyond the mask that people are wearing right now and they will tell you what person you can trust or to be aware of, listen when they talk to you about your so called friends. Your child is working from the heart which is ignited with passion. Right now anything they do will be at it's purest form. They will go into any project with the purest heart and their energy will come from the Sacral Chakra. This will be a great time for them to be creative. Anything they do or touch will be recognized and rewarded. They will also be able to pull you into the flow of this positive energy so hold on and enjoy the ride....

This months energy has been super intense and a lot has been happening the last few weeks. Hold on because this energy is not over. The energy will take you into a choppy ride, up some waves and down some others. The best thing is to go with the flow and try not to fight it. Enjoy the good times and support the not so good times. Love with the heart and send it out to those who need it, even if that means loving yourself....Gabe!


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