A New Way Of Life After The Pendemic

It's been quite a year and a half riding the waves of the Pendemic. With most of us staying home with our families and not going out to work, maybe working from home, we are now looking at our lives and seeing that things will never be the same. But we can really do some positive things to help ourselves out and then help others too.

First and foremost is self love. Finding the balance for yourself. Shutting off the inner voice that tells you all the should s and could s. The voice is now being softened and you are not listening to it as much. You are taking a moment for you and not worrying about the dishes or laundry. This is so confidence boosting. As you sit and ponder you can catalogue the good in your life. So you choose to put attention towards things that are bright, positive and hopeful. Start a gratitude journal and write in it everyday, it will make you realize how many things you have to be grateful for, and the list always gets longer.

You have discovered your creature comforts by taking time to do things you enjoy. Enjoy your future solo time with something you love.  Painting, sewing, cooking, baking and reading, the list can go on. Find the simple things that give you joy and share them with someone who you think really needs it too. Find the joy in helping others. Volunteer work helps you stay happy and grounded no matter with what's going on in your life. And you can volunteer somewhere local or teach something that you enjoy.

Fight stress with a happy routine. Routine is so important in our lives. Enjoy your stress free time by walking in nature. We need nature to help us get grounded, really take deep breaths and pause. Hot baths or swimming in a pool or natural lake is so good for us. All that water is a great way again to ground ourselves. It helps stimulate all the muscles and organs, leaving them relaxed and get rid or toxins.

We did sit and watch lots of great movies and shows what we would usually never do, so it was a wonderful way to enjoy a night before bedtime. I would read a good book fiction or non fiction and sit with a good cup of coffee and disappear for a while in another world. This is a great way to tap your think tank, and join a book club with your friends or new friends on Zoom. Its great to get together and talk about something that you all have in common. Now with us getting together again we can do small groups once in a while and this is something to look forward too. Reduction in depression risk when surrounded by friends and family who are happy is 50%, that's a big reduction.

Now that we are going to be going back to work we need to step back and get relief from the daily grind. Feeling connected to a higher power helps us better weather daily stress. Believing in God or a spiritual power brings in a sense of inner peace and self love. This will help us most likely flourish in spite of daily challenges, plus it helps us feel grateful and calm.

So take a deep breath and slow down in the last 6 months of this year. We need to realize that life is going to be different now and I think we just need to make it better! Gabrielle Gidley



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