Mama and Child Tarot Card Reading

Mama's reading for January 2021

The door is closing for the year 2020 and new things are coming about. You need to sit down and really think about what you want in the next few months and put it out there. The first card is intuition, this tells me that you need to use your gut feeling for the next few months, you are very open to the feelings you have inside you, use them. New door ways will open up to you. Even if you feel discontent and maybe even a little bored you have everything you need to get through January. Don't turn away from what beautiful things you have, use them to keep you busy and the month will send you material and spiritual prosperity. You have worked hard the last year and this new year will send you all that you require, if you believe!

Child's reading for January 2021

Wow love begins, they are looking towards you for all that love you have to give. Your child/children are sharing the love that is flowing within the family. All emotions are calm and flowing they are sharing what you feel. Although at times there are some shadow in their lives. A lot has changed in their life and there are even more changes to come. Life is always changing and they are emotionally sensitive right now, they need your help to walk through any conflict.Your child is very receptive to Mothers Earths energy right now, its energy is healing, cleansing and most of all change. Create a foundation for your family this is what they need right now. Celebrate any achievements they have with support and understanding that they are also going through this flow right now.

January 2021 Reading for the family

2020 is almost gone and a new year is upon us. We as mamas will stand up to any discontent and boredom and create a positive flow within the household. Create a space where you can talk freely with your family and let your child/children understand that it is alright how you feel right now. You are there to support them in their inner conflicts and there is a light at the end of it all. You are both very much in tune with each other. Our children always have a simple magical feel to  what is happening. Reach out to that simple way and it will flow with the universal energy: "love"....Gabrielle

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